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EA Sports heeft een gratis FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup-modus aangekondigd voor FIFA 14.     eRepublik is a mirror version of the real world in which you can interact with other citizens, create original content, get a job, start a company, a political party or get your friends together and invade another country, all in just 15 to 30 minutes daily.   eRepublik leverages the use of the Internet: Free to play User-friendly and browser based No download or installation of any programs or files Not time consuming (15 min./day average) Playable anywhere from any device with an Internet connection No Artificial Intelligence   Media Mogul Always wanted to be the best writer? You could be a writer in your own newspaper, people can subscribe to your papers and comment to it.   Fighters No interest in stuff like economics and politics? No worries, eRepublik provides you with enough other stuff to do. You could defend your country or help allies by defending their regions wich can be taken over by enemy countries.   Politics eRepublik also has its own political system where people can choose their leaders and political parties in congre . Don't like the way its done with the current government? Make your own party and show them your plans to make your country the best in eRepublik.   Economics In eRepublik you can also be an succesfull merchant. Make your own Food Factory or Weapons Factory, hire your own workers and monopolize the market with your own goods.   "So join us and feel how it is to be the best World Leader, General,  Chief Editor or Merchant  "
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