Firingsquad heeft een 2 pagina grote preview gedaan van Impressions Games's Zeus. Zeus speelt zich af in de griekse tijd en moet vooral makkelijker te bedienen zijn dan soortgelijke titels als Caesars of Pharaoh.While the earlier games tried to be fairly realistic and help build a believable society in the era it was based, Zeus is going in a different direction. It still has graphics that reflect its citizens and the particular societal quirks are thrown into gameplay, but instead of focusing on just historical fact with adjustments only for gameplay purposes, Zeus is going for style.

After all, a Greek world might be interesting just with squabbling city-states, foreign invaders and social problems, but wouldn't it be that much more interesting if you throw its rich mythology into the mix? This mythology includes potential Jerry Springer guests like the gods and goddesses Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Hades and more. Then you can throw in some classic monsters like Hydras, centaurs and even nastier creatures. So what can you do to fight these rampaging beasts? Why, summon a hero of course! Hercules, Perseus, Odysseus, and Jason all await your command, or they'll go off on their own.

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