De meest veelbelovende Xbox game van dit moment is gold gegaan! Splinter Cell, ook wel de Metal Gear Solid-killer genaamd, is richting de fabriek gestuurd voor massaproductie. Dit betekend dat de game ruim voor de feestdagen in de winkels zal liggen.

The Splinter Cell team is happy to announce that Tom Clancys Splinter Cell for the Xbox has gone gold.

The highly anticipated stealth-action adventure game is set to ship November 18. Expected to be the hottest title for the Xbox console this year, Splinter Cell will dazzle gamers with an incredible mix of real-time dynamic lighting effects, an innovative arsenal of prototype espionage equipment, and groundbreaking gameplay.

Electronic Gaming Monthly says that “Splinter Cell will change the way people look at video games” and Official Xbox Magazine gave it their highest rating ever – a 9.6 out of 10 – and calls it “an entertaining stealth-action experience that leaps miles above the competition.”

Alle Xbox eigenaren mogen 29 november kennismaken met Sam Fischer. PC gamers in Europa mogen deze stealth-actie game echter pas 31 januari proeven. Wanneer de PS2 en GameCube aan de beurt zijn is nog niet bekend.