Dailyradar.co.uk weet te melden dat er geruchten rondgaan dat Microsoft op 26 oktober het definitieve ontwerp voor de Xbox bekend gaat maken. Toevallig (ye right ) is dat ook de datum waarop Sony de PS2 in Amerika gaat lanceren. It is believed that the main thrust of this 'announcement' will be the unveiling of the final design for the machine. The machine, so insiders who have seen it say, resembles a DVD player, forgoing the fun 'n' frolics of conventional games console design in favour of a more austere presence that looks right at home sat between your video and your Sky digibox.

Our sources have suggested that the machine is black in colour with lashings of chrome effect plastic in the shape of an enormous X right across the top of the machine. At the corners of the casing the chrome effect continues down the edges and finishes at circular feet, of the kind seen on top end hi-fi equipment. We've even heard that the famous green light of the early mock-ups will appear in the finished design, perhaps on the top or front edge of the machine.

The front edge of the machine features four joypad ports and a CD slot of the type seen in car CD players, iMacs and Apple G4 cubes (ie, rather than having a tray the machine 'sucks' the disc inside). Cool.

With the US PS2 launch only eight days away you can expect the Xbox news deluge to kick off any moment and we'll be first with the first pics of the machine. Keep it locked.

Weer een marketingstuntje van Microsoft

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