De grootste bottleneck van de videokaarten is de memory bandwidth, volgens bitboys moet daar nu verandering in komen met hun XBA geheugen.Bitboys has developed a completely new way of meeting the demanding requirements of 3D graphics processing. The new Xtreme Bandwidth Architecture (XBA) utilizes Infineon Technologies AG's leading embedded memory technology (eDRAM) with 9 MB of high speed memory integrated with the graphics engine and additional external memory to deliver enhancded bandwidth to 3D graphics. The XBA technology has been created as part of company's Glaze3D project. The first chips utilizing XBA promises to provide two to three times the memory bandwidth over the nearest competitors, totalling 12 Gigabytes/sec with a single processor and over 20 Gigabytes/sec in the dual processor configurations. (...)Bitboys plans to introduce the final product specifications, product names and target prices of the first XBA enabled products March 2000. Bitboys is scheduled to begin demonstrating the technology in Q2/2000 and ramping up full volume production of XBA enabled parts during Q3/2000.