De X-Com reeks is al enige jaartjes oud en nog steeds inmens populair. Opvallend aan de reeks is dat de complete reeks bijna alle gengres omvat, van turn-based strategy tot en met space flightsims.

Infogrames heeft vandaag bekend gemaakt dat de laaste toevoeging in de reeks gold is gegaan. X-COM Enforcer maakt gebruikt van de UT engine en zal een compleet andere game worden dan de "oude" X-Com titels. Het spel zal veel meer aktie gericht worden en minder strategisch. Meer info over deze titel kan je vinden in de Avault preview.If it hasn't been made obvious already, X-COM Enforcer is a notably different take on the series' traditionally strategic origins, beginning with its Unreal Tournament-based engine. Rather than establishing bases, working out turn-based tactics or even flying spaceships, your efforts are wholly dedicated to one thing and one thing only: protecting the Earth through the wholesale destruction of anything that can't be classified as "human." Armed with a plethora of weapons and a resilient robotic chassis, you work your way through multiple levels, mowing down anything that dares to stand in your way. Although your alien-crushing antics are viewed from a behind-the-shoulder, third-person perspective, the vast majority of the areas operate on a standard horizontal plane, eliminating the need for overly complex camera maneuvers. This particularly comes in handy during the instances where you're sidetracked from your non-stop death spree to rescue hapless innocents from the slavering jaws of doom. Fortunately, neither you nor your human targets are affected by your weaponry, so you're free to spray gunfire and rockets with impunity, free of the dreaded "you've killed innocent people, start over" syndrome that's stricken certain action titles of late. No matter which way you look at it, however, this adrenaline-pumping, wall-to-wall action-fest is hardly the X-COM of old.

Het spel wordt rond de 17e in de winkels verwacht.