Ja !!! meer info over X-Com Alliance. Dit vijfde deel in de serie zal een fps worden met "Veel extra's" vooral de diepgang van alle X-Com delen en waarschijnlijk ook van dit deel zal veel mensen aanspreken.X-COM fast-forwards to the year 2062, just after X-COM Terror from the Deep, with the alien invaders returning for another fight. You take control of your entire squad as you work to erase the alien threat completely. The game, from Hasbro, allows you to control your entire party's inventory and you can keep tabs on each one of them through small video screens at the top of your interface. For this outing Hasbro has moved away from turn-based, squad-level combat and gone for full-on action. The latest in the X-COM franchise is using Epic's Unreal engine. You lead a salvage squad on a mission to recover supplies from the conclusive battle of the first X-COM. Along the way, your ship is sucked into a wormhole, and into the middle of a battle between two alien species. You must investigate the alien vessels, recover and research artefacts, and lead small groups of soldiers into the alien structures as you search for a means of returning home. However, this is far more than AVP or Unreal Tournament. Being squad based, there is a strong strategic element, and the choices you make - from the type of weapons used to which team members you take the missions, will affect the outcome. The ability to command other soldiers makes this title stand out from the traditional run-and-gun shooters. Deze titel zullen wij (en vooral ik ) nauwlettend in de gaten houden hier is nog een screenie voor jullie.