GA-source had weer es wat te melden over de X-Box. Ze beginnen in 2001 met de verkoop, het zal windows draaien (inclusief BSOD?), een DVD speler bevatten en high-speed internet acces bieden. Dit allemaal voor 'maar' 250 tot 300 dollar! Of dit ook de Nederlandse prijs wordt weet ik niet, maar waarschijnlijk niet.The Nihon Keizai Shimbun is reporting that Microsoft will begin selling the "X-Box" by September 2001. Shimbun also reports that the new console, operating on the Windows platform, will contain an advanced microprocessor, play DVDs and offer high-speed Internet access for an expected retail price around $250–$300. [break]Dit kwam ik nog bij voodooextreme tegen:[/break] Things just get more and more exciting regarding the X-Box... the EE Times (thanks Alan) has a report on Microsoft's official choice to use Nvidia as their graphics chip provider, narrowing out GigaPixel Corp. As a result, Nvidia's stock has skyrocketed to around 76, a jump of over 17 points since yesterday! For once, I think gamers are actually looking forward to a Bill Gates speech this Friday, when he makes the official press release at the GDC.