Aangezien iedereen al bijna is doodgegooid met dingetjes, verhaaltjes en interviews over de X-Box van Microsoft, kunnen wij niet achterblijven.

Voodoo Extreme had weer eens een exclusief interview met Tim Sweeney "The man behind UT". Tim verteld zijn mening over de X-BoxTim Sweeney: We're very excited about X-Box and have been working closely with Microsoft since the project's inception. You can definitely look forward to the Unreal engine on the platform. VE: OK, let's be honest. Unreal or Unreal Tournament for that matter don't even work with a joystick or gamepad. How can Epic transform Unreal Tournament's control system so it's actually playable on a PS-2 controller? TS: Check out Sony's Dual Shock controller; the PlayStation2 uses an improved version of it. It has two high-precision analog input pads to take the place of the mouse, plus a digital direction pad and a ton of buttons, to take the place of the keyboard. We were worried about controls initially too; bad controls seem to be a common feature of console games for some reason: loved Turok, hated the controls. Now that we have Unreal Tournament up and running and playable on PlayStation2, the game feels pretty good, and will only get better as we fine-tune the player movement. Hier staat het hele verhaal.