Bij Avault hebben ze een patch voor het spel X: Beyond The Frontier. Ze hebben er gelijk alle patchen in een lijstje gezet (ze lopen van 639 KB tot 1.52 MB). The Adrenaline Vault has lubed up a patch (which brings the current version up to 1.95) for Egosoft's 3D accelerated space simulation, X: Beyond The Frontier. Here's a little quote from the page: The v1.95 patch only contains the EXE, you need to upgrade to v1.9 to use it. Version 1.95 fixes some bugs found during work on X-TENSION. It does not add any new features. If you do not have any problems with X-BTF this new EXE is not required. XDX6DEMOUK.ZIP: Experimental DirectX 6 optimized EXE for the English demo. Unzip this file into your installed demo folder and start it instead of x.exe. This executable should fix all bugs related to drivers that have problems with DX5 renderstate overrides (e.g RIVA TNT)