Legend heeft een server configuratie utility gemaakt voor the wheel of time zodat je een server kunt draaien zonder dat je de cd-rom in de speler hoeft te hebben, en je kan de server configureren zonder de client op te starten. Je kan hem hier halen(2 Meg).En nog wat info over een patch die binnenkort verschijnt:I can't be too specific right now, but we're currently banging on many of the outstanding issues that you may have seen people chatting about on the board. Fixes include D3D performance and copy protection incompatibility, along with a load of other issues. New content includes 'bots (or computer-controlled opponents) for Arena games, and some cool new maps (including a citadel map that Scott's working on with the world area located in the Ways!). Again, there's lots more content planned, and I'll try to be more specific as we get closer to release.