Spellen speel je onder Windows, Linux gebruik je als freak, om te chatten/brieven te schijven of om je webserver op te draaien. Tot nu toe, want Transgaming Technologies wil daar verandering in brengen. Het concept van nu is dat je één van 5 of als je geluk hebt 10 Linux games in de winkel koopt en gaat spelen, of dat de maker van de game de Linux files vrijgeeft die je in combinatie met de Windows-versie op Linux kan spelen. Transgaming Technologies wil al die stappen wegnemen zodat je met een simpel programaatje (bijna) al je Windowsspellen in één keer converteert naar een Linux-spel. Revolutionair!GameSpy: Many people have suggested that the main reason why Linux isn't valued as a gaming platform is because it lacks the constant stream of AAA titles that gamers enjoy in Windows. Could you briefly describe what Transgaming is working on, and how it will help resolve that issue? Gavriel State: Essentially, TransGaming's work allows gamers to take off-the-shelf Windows games and run them directly under Linux. It won't run every game out there at first, but 100% compatibility is our long-term goal.

To accomplish this, we have been working on a new Linux implementation of the DirectX(R) multimedia APIs. Our work is closely tied with the Wine project -- an Open Source effort to implement the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) APIs on Linux -- in essence, a Windows compatibility layer. Wine is not an emulator in the traditional sense -- it doesn't emulate a CPU or any other hardware -- it loads and executes Windows programs directly on your Linux hardware without the need for any Microsoft code to be installed at all. My first exposure to Wine was as the architect for Corel's desktop Linux group. We were charged with the task of bringing Corel's entire product line to Linux as quickly as possible. After some consideration, we decided that it made more sense to concentrate our efforts on improving the Wine project rather than trying to rewrite tens of millions of lines of code in WordPerfect Office and CorelDraw. With the Wine approach, we brought these two full product suites to Linux in just 18 months. Shortly thereafter, I left Corel and founded TransGaming Technologies Inc. so that we could bring new games just as quickly. (...)Als de technologie van Transgaming Technologies echt werkt dan zal dat het gebruik van Linux onder gamers heel erg gaan stimuleren. Sowieso al natuurlijk omdat je Operating System gratis is en je meer games kan kopen ipv de nieuwe Microsoft Windows opvolger.

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