Gamecenter heeft besloten om een aantal pagina's aan windows 2000 te besteden (vandaag gereleased). Zo is er onder meer een artikel over games en windows 2000, de veranderingen van win NT naar win 2000, een win 2000 vs win 98 en nog een aantal artikelen. (Bedankt Amar voor de tip)Windows 2000, the newest Windows NT platform, is upon us. The 32-bit operating system boasts enhanced ease of use, Plug and Play support, and DirectX 7.0a support built right in, among other features. Microsoft stands by its NT marketing angle, saying that Windows 2000 is for business users only, but when was the last time anyone believed anything Microsoft said without concrete proof? We certainly didn't believe the company, so we took a long, piercing look at Windows 2000 Professional (the end-user version of the new OS) and tested it with scads of current, and a few not-so-current, games. Is it time to give up on Windows 98? Should you upgrade? In a word, no.