agn hardware heeft een stukje op hun site staan over de Wheel of Time demo :We've signed off on it at Legend, and now the GT boys are banging on it (or perhaps just getting banged on; Grant "LaFoodMan" Roberts and I kicked some of those GT newbies around a bit when they showed up on our demo server--just to remind them who's boss). Barring any unforeseen problems, I anticipate that the demo will be ready for download quite soon. So you may ask, "When and how can I get my official WoT demo experience (including my painful lesson from the masters)?" To answer, it seems that our good friends at GameSpy have struck a deal with GT to be the sole source for this bad boy, at least initially. When I cast the stones and looked into the chicken's entrails, I found that it will hit on Friday, so make Gamespy your first stop of that day's surf. Later on, I'm sure you'll be able to find the demo wherever good demos are downloaded. By the way, when you get the demo, make sure you visit the Gore settings. It defaults to 'medium', and I have the feeling that the people who read this might prefer 'high' (there's a marked difference). The same goes for the game itself.