Weet je niet welke game je online wil spelen ? geen nood. Daily Radar heeft een vragenlijstje opgesteld waaruit duidelijk wordt of het Q3, UT of iets anders word.What kind of online game are you most suited to? You might think you know, but now we have the facilities to point you towards the Barrysworld server that best fits your personality. Trust us. We're scientists. All right, that's a bare-faced lie. But we are all fully-accredited ministers of the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California, and we have the certificates to prove it. So trust us as men of the cloth.

I'm also a team player, but I've only got Half-Life.

Ooh. In that case we think you'll be at home in either the world's favourite Half-Life mod, CounterStrikeZo zie je maar weer, op elk potje past een dekseltje

Wat gaan we vandaag doen ?