Misschien niet het meest populaire spelletjes-platform, maar de palm wordt toch voorzien van een hele hoop kwalitatieve spelen zoals 'Doomling':The Doomling project started back in April 1999 under the name of Wolfenstein 3D, the name given to the famous 3D game written by ID Software. The game started out being developed to run on a UNIX based system, with call the source code written purely in C. After a short time, a fully operation 3D engine was running on the computer which included standard features such as texture mapping. Then begain the long and complex process of taking the code and getting it all to compile and run AS FAST under the PalmOS. With a Motorola 68000 processor @ 16Mhz and a 2bit display and very limited memory, the job was to be a difficult one, yet highly enjoyable and challenging. However, Doomling now runs at 18 frames per second (completely smooth), full screen and with 4 level grayscale graphics. It even has features which cause it to surpass the limits of original Wolfenstein 3D for the PC! Helaas is Doomling nog niet klaar, een datum in maart wordt genoemd.

Wel te downloaden is 'Tank Pilot', een perfecte kloon van het oude BattleZone spel.

Tank Pilot kan hier gedownload worden.