Van het weer in ons koude kikkerlandje word je niet echt vrolijk. Gelukkig kunnen we ons binnenkort in tropischere sferen begeven, want over niet al te lange tijd zou Far Cry in de winkels moeten liggen. Van deze tropische eilandenshooter zijn er nieuwe screenshots verschenen die er zeker mogen zijn. Tevens kom je in deze preview iets meer over het spel te weten.Chris is also keen to remind us that it's the über-smart AI of the human foes that really lifts Far Cry above its peers. "I have to say, my favourite moments in the game always come from the AI doing something unexpected," he grins. "We were testing a level a few weeks back, and the player fell off a high wall, with an AI running behind him. The player survived the fall, but then a few seconds later, an elevator near him opened and the AI walked out and shot and killed him. Nobody on the development team had ever planned on the AI being down there, or the player jumping off the wall - but it all worked naturally. It sounds minor, but when the AI figures out to walk around, find an elevator, use the elevator, come down and attack without a designer ever planning on it, it's pretty extraordinary."