Nocturne, niet eens zo oud en nu al als budget titel geprijst. 3dActionplanet vroeg zich af waar het mis ging met deze titel die toch zoveel potentie had.

Een ding herinner ik me nog wel en dat waren de zware systeem eisen die het spel vroeg."Adventure Game of the Year" or "Coaster of the Month"?

One game: Nocturne.

It's difficult to understand the treatment Nocturne

received at the hands of the press. By running the

official fan site for the game, I ran across every

conceivable review of Terminal Reality's action/horror title after it was released Halloween 1999. Those newspapers, magazines and online sites that loved the game praised it for its cutting edge technology, engaging characters, intriguing plots, and more.

But others were not so kind. One magazine referred to Nocturne as feces. Another made it the "Coaster of the Month," a reference to using the game's CD to place drinks on.


The same game, but why such divergent reactions? A year has passed since Nocturne was released. Time enough to ask Terminal Reality the question on everyone's mind: why didn't Nocturne do as well as expected?Misschien heeft Nocturne als budget titel meer succes .