GA-Stategy heeft een eerste blikje geworpen naar Warlords Battlecry. Hieronder vind je er een stukkie van..Warlords Battlecry is a real-time strategy that allows players to create a hero in one of nine races and then take him and his armies through campaigns, quests and multiplayer games. Drawing from the rich fantasy environment of the Warlords Universe, Warlords Battlecry delivers a unique blend of RPG and real-time strategy that can best be described as hero-based gameplay.

The nine races include: humans, dwarfs, orcs, minotaurs, undead, high elf, dark elf, wood elf, and barbarian. Your hero and his armies must set out, on either a path of good or a path of evil, to destroy the Two Tears (two powerful and mystical meteorites) before they fall into the wrong hands. As you win scenarios, campaigns or multiplayer games and your hero gains experience he will be able to choose a specialty class that will strengthen his attributes. The four broad classes include warrior, priest, thief, and wizard.