Gamespy heeft een interview gehad met Rob Pardo, de hoofdontwerper van Warcraft III. Het interview gaat over de vooruitgang van de laatste 6 maanden en het RPG element van het spel.GameSpy: The game is billed as an RPS, or role-playing strategy game. How does that work?

Rob Pardo: It was important for us to prepare people for the differences in the game from what is now traditionally viewed as a RTS. Many people will instantly be familiar with the resource collecting, and tech-tree building aspects of the game, however, the interaction with the environment and the addition of Heroic units that gain levels and powers is very different. Players will need to make decisions every game upon which heroes to use and what skills to choose for them. This takes the emphasis away from town management decisions and adds many role-playing choices like character advancement, quest completion and item collecting.

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