GameSurge heeft een preview gebakken van Warcraft 3. Hieronder vind je er een klein stukje van. De rest vind je hier.Basically, WarCraft III will not be the "build 2000 units and attack" game it has been in the past. Now you will control a handful of units and just explore the lands. You may encounter non-player characters that also may give you advice. With this said, WC 3 would still be however, a strategy game, although role-playing elements will be present.

Rather than just purchasing units at certain structures, it should be noted that there is now a starting point, or base, where you will be able to select your units and swap others. Another interesting way of unit accumulation is to visit local towns and search for volunteers to join your forces. Unlike the previous 2 WarCraft games, where you chose from Human or Orc, WC 3 will be featuring 6 new races. Currently only Human, Orc, and Demon are the known races at this point, Blizzard has yet to reveal the other 3. There is a major decrease in the need for resource management, as the only available resource that is of any concern in gold.