Het is WAPpen of geWAPt worden zullen ze bij Eidos gedacht hebben want de eerste WAP titel is klaar. Gangsters heeft de "eer" als eerste de nieuwe Eidos-WAP-lijn aan te mogen voeren Handhelds: Eidos has revealed that its first

WAP game will be based on the hit PC title, Gangsters.

Currently in development by U.K.-based nGame,

Gangsters will take the form of a trading game in

which the player attempts to make a fortune and

assert their supremacy in prohibition era America.

Set in the fictional city of New Temperance, players

will trade alcohol, weapons and insults in order to

rise to the top. They will face real human opposition,

since all players will operate in the same game


Simon Protheroe, technical director of Eidos said,

"The WAP version of Gangsters represents our

entry into an exciting new global market which offers

tremendous possibilities. We are delighted to be

working with partners of the caliber of nGame to

bring compelling new content to the public."Geen Gangster RAP maar Gangster WAP gaat het worden.