Altijd al afgevraagd waarom zo weinig vrouwen gamen? Bij hebben ze aan dit probleem een groot artikel gewijd. Het artikel is gebaseerd op aspecten van de biologische verschillen tussen vrouwen en mannen. Ook staan in het artikel enige sugesties om games aantrekkelijker te maken voor de dames. Given all the pleasures and gifts that gaming has brought me over the years, it has always bugged me that girls don't seem to enjoy games as much as I do. Sure, I have met plenty of girl gamers, but they always seemed to be a minority of womankind, a fringe element that is considered "unusual". Now that I am in the game industry, it's become a professional pre-occupation. How can such a large segment of the population not get the same kick of out gaming as us guys? I would find it unfair, but it's clear that they are staying away mainly because of indifference and distaste. This realization wounds me personally because it brings into question a major component of my very being, and this is only a slight exaggeration! Lees het hele artikel hier.