We weten dat er niets zo frusterend is, als die game die alweer een half jaar is uitgesteld (en natuurlijk laten we DiabloII en Daikatana ongenoemd ). GameSpy vroeg ex Dynamix-medewerker Nels Bruckner om een verklaring.I want to talk a little bit about something that seems as inevitable as death and taxes these days--games slipping their schedule. With Christmas coming up and a lot of games getting ready to hit the shelves, this is sure to be a topic that we hear a lot more about. From posts I've read there seem to be a lot of people out there who don't have a grasp of why games slip and what the impact of slipping is.

First off, what goes wrong that makes a game slip? There are probably as many different specific reasons as there are dev teams and projects, but I think there are a few that stand out.

One of the biggies, without a doubt, is the very way that release dates are conjured up to begin with. A lot of games have a release date before they have a design or even a complete team. As you can imagine, the chances of hitting a specific date when all you have is a title and a one-page synopsis are not good. Luckily, this one is easy to fix --don't get too specific with your release date until you get farther along in the development process.Het lijkt er dus op dat we nog niet zo snel van dit fenomeen af zullen zijn.

Diablo3 en Daikatana2 zien we dan ook wel over een jaartje of 8