GameSpot heeft onlangs een interview afgenomen met Brian Fargo, de oprichter en directeur van Interplay. In dit interview gaat men dieper in op de man zijn redenen om Interplay te verlaten en zijn verdere rol in de gamingindustrie. Ook komt de discussie aan bod omtrent Interplay's dreigingen om een onderzoek te starten die uitkomst moet bieden of de beste man mensen aan het weglokken is van Interplay voor zijn nieuwe bedrijf.GameSpot: Thanks for talking with us. Can you tell us briefly about your reasons for leaving Interplay? How long have you been planning your departure?

Brian Fargo: I don't think it comes as a surprise that the last three to four years have been tough and certainly not fun. Somewhere along the line I ended up doing purely executive and financial management functions with very little creative, design, talent scouting, marketing, or any other work I enjoy. That said, I accepted the role I was thrust into and managed to lower the bank debt from $40 million to almost zero while still managing to maintain quality and ship some phenomenal games like Sacrifice, Baldur's Gate, Fallout, and so on. After coming very close to securing several deals for the acquisition of the company in early 2001, only to see them fail due to too many interests and then having a financing deal go sideways after Titus announced its intent to take over, I knew it was time to go.

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