In een nieuwe siteupdate geeft het team van Rare antwoord op een hele stapel vragen omtrent hun werk en games.

Wanneer komt Kameo uit? Waarom was CBFD zo duur? Welke dieren kan je berijden in DKR? Wanneer komt de film van Perfect Dark uit? Je kan het zo gek niet bedenken of er is wel een vraag en antwoord van.3. This is about the issue of game length, games in general are getting shorter. Sony is even starting to ask companies developing for PS2 to make their games shorter and try to make better graphics. I like long games, and normally when I've completed a game, I feel it wasn't long enough. I don't want games to be made long deliberately, because then they can become repetitive and boring after a while. I was just wondering your take on this, generally your games are quite long (JFG) apart from some, like Conker's BFD (which is an excellent game, just a little short). Would you put graphics before game length (I realize this may be a difficult question to answer, because there's probably different opinions within the company).

3) "Gameplay is the most important factor. Yes, it has to look nice, and with the hardware at our disposal it would be rude if it looked anything but great. As for length... mmm... it really isn't that important, it's what you do with it that counts. If a game keeps suprising you with enjoyable gameplay from beginning to end then the developers have done their job."

Rare's adventure game Starfox adventures

Niet alle antwoorden zijn even interessant, maar er staan zeker een aantal aardige weetjes in de zogenaamde scribes! (zoals Rare ze noemt)