Via Slashdot kwam ik een berichtje tegen dat Nintendo Next de voorlopige specs heeft van Microsoft's (duistere ) X-Box:We've all heard rumors about Microsoft stepping into the console market with their own machine to compete against Nintendo, Sony and Sega. But we never took it seriously. Microsoft even said a while back that their focus is just computers and has no interest to join the console market anytime soon. Looks like they were covering their secret console that IS in development and will be ready for 2001. Tentatively called the X-Box, Microsoft's new console is said to be more powerful than the PlayStation2 and could cost as low as $149. Here are the specs that we know of so far: DVD inbuilt – with full movie functions 56 K Modem Windows Derived OS (Het zou ook eens niet ) Up to 1 GHz CPU 64 MB Memory 4 GB Hard Drive SOURCE: MCV UK If Microsoft does get developers to support this new console, The Big Three will be in big trouble. Not only does it utilize a 1 GHz CPU (!), but it also has a 4 GB hard drive, which will allow you to download patches, have an internet cache, install new software, download games, download media (music, movies) and so much more. And because it is developed by the devil themselves (Microsoft), this console will be marketed to no end, and can be released at a low price point without Microsoft losing any dough. But is this good news for Nintendo? Is it good that we know the specs for the X-Box right now? Possibly, but very unlikely, Nintendo could up the ante on Microsoft and make their specs even a little better. Or, maybe Nintendo's specs already are on par with Microsoft's. Wishful thinking, I know, but anything possible since Nintendo hasn't spoken a word on their final specs. But whatever Nintendo is doing, Microsoft will be major competition for the Big Three. And who knows. Maybe Microsoft will buy out Nintendo. You laugh now... Volgens mij wordt de X-Box dus gewoon een afgeslankte PC in een console doos waarbij je Word kan draaien op een TV.

Maar goed, mijn nieuwe console wordt toch een PSX 2.