Deze kaart is handig voor de mensen die een onboard video kaart hebben en een betere willen dan is de AGP niet meer beschikbaar en dan is deze uitstekend.....Recently I've had the opportunity to put a shiny new Voodoo3 3000 PCI through its paces. Originally I planned on reviewing / testing this card in my own rig (PIII 733), but changed my mind midstream. High-End system owners, or just about any PC owner that has a desire for a high-end 3D card will more than likely have an AGP slot. What I decided to do is test this card in a system that many potential V3 3000 PCI buyers would have. I realize that for many AMD K6 based systems and many newer systems based on Intel i810 motherboards, this may very well be the most powerful PCI card you can buy, so keep that in mind. Having mentioned that…this is the test bed for this particular article