VTec schrijft: "Bij Sports Reviewers hebben ze een review van het fantastische tennis-spel Virtua Tennis (voor de, ook zo fantastiche, Dreamcast) !!! ":

Volgens mij is meneer VTec express naar DC nieuws aan het zoeken .The question remains, "Is Virtua Tennis worthy of a purchase?" In short, the answer is "Yes." While it does not offer much in the way of licensed tennis pros and has does not contain a great A.I. , Virtua Tennis is a nice break from the pack of racers and mainstream sports games. The graphics are above average, the cut scenes are a cool touch, and the multi-player gaming can be a trip. However, if you are a tennis buff looking for a good simulation of tennis, then you may want to stay away from Virtua Tennis. The match format is not realistic, the players do not position well much of the time, and the CPU strategy can be very flawed at times. I never really felt like I was playing much of a tennis game per se, but a fun arcade game. I stress the word "fun" in this case. I cannot stress enough how entertaining it is to play human opponents in Virtua Tennis. Taken for what it does best, arcade play, Virtua Tennis is a definite winner.Om terug on-topic te gaan, Virtua Tennis is niet een van de games waar je al een Droomdoos voor hoort te kopen zoals Soul Caliber wel doet, maar als je dan toch al SC en een DC koopt dan kan Virtua Tennis zeker wel aangeschaft worden.