Er zijn weinig games die over Vikingen gaan. Eigenlijk raar want deze "woeste" Noormannen zijn ideaal voor een game. THQ vond dit ook en maakte de game Cultures en echte Viking-sim die over 8 dagen te koop moet zijn.THQ's resource management Viking-sim Cultures is expected on PC shelves on October 20. Daily Radar UK caught up with developers Funatics to see if god-sim enthusiasts can expect anything new. Thomas Friedmann, managing director at Funatics Development divulged all

about Culture's gameplay:

Daily Radar UK: What type of a game is Cultures?

Thomas Friedmann: We call it a world simulation with role-playing elements. You have to set up a Viking village in the new world, take care for the inhabitants, train and teach them, build houses and working places, let them marry, get children and fight.

DRUK: Where did the idea come from for Cultures, and how did the concept develop?

TF: The basic idea was inspired by Asterix, the French comic series, where a small cute Gaulish village with funny inhabitants holds out against Roman troops. We

thought that it would be a lot of fun for the player to create a few real characters with their own names, abilities, characters and family. This brings you much deeper into the game than masses of anonymous figures that are just for fighting. During the development we had a phase where the design was drifting too much in

the real-time strategy direction. That was when AOE II came out and many guys here were playing that game 24 hours a day. However, we tried a lot of things and

threw out at least just as much. It was never easy to combine all the ideas that are partly very contrary and conflicting. But in the end we did it. We took the road back to the original idea and set even more focus on the characters themselves. We changed the user interface and added some features like the skill system that makes Cultures very unique. Goed nieuws voor alle Vikingen en Vikingfans.