Eigenlijk zou donderdag de nieuwe Vietcong patch uitkomen, maar het ontwikkelteam haalde deze deadline niet. De vertraging was echter van korte duur, want de lang verwachte patch is eindelijk beschikbaar. Versie 1.2 pakt voornamelijk cheaters, bugs en andere probleempjes aan. Voor slechts 23MB kun je de gelukkige eigenaar van deze update worden. De waslijst met aanpassingen en toevoegingen kun je op deze pagina bekijken. coop game - weapons are now dropped by the dead AI.

Now when you kill somebody, their weapon and now all of that weapons ammunition will be available for the player to pick up.

Internet servers list are automatically refreshed for the first time only (as this can take quite a long time, we will not force users to wait when returning from the game to the menu).

- Server option to enable ammo boxes in CTF a RW (the engineer feature is not used that much so players run out of ammo quite a lot. Ammo boxes are placed near to the flags).

Whenever there is a possibility for the player to scroll up or down using PageUp/PageDown in console, a hint has been written (a lot of console users do not know there is a possibility to scroll).

The name of the server is written in the 'TAB' window

The 'aim switch' off/on had been added to General options (some players would like to be able use aim_key as a switch - as for example crouch has).

The 'in-game menu control' fullmouse/wheel&buttons/none has been added to General options (hardcore players want to be able to look around and shoot while giving commands).

New multiplayer skins and headgear

New Storm RW game mode

Bahnar : Better visibility.