Gamecenter heeft een interessant artikel online gezet over het tweaken van een 56k modem (of langzamer(bestaan die nog?)). Het begint met simpele dingen die mensen toch vaak over het hoofd zien. Zoals het afsluiten van andere bandwidth innemende applicaties als ICQ. Maar test ook of je last hebt van ruis tijdens het bellen, dit moet dan door KPN gemaakt worden. Daarna volgen de minder voorspelbare tweaks. Zoals het veranderen van de MTU settings en de tijd dat een time-out in gaat.When a networking device is installed, Windows doesn't care nearly as much about streamlining it as it does about making sure it works. Therefore, several networking protocols are automatically installed, but it's very likely that your dial-up adapter only needs one. You should make sure by checking with your ISP before you remove any protocols, however.

Open up Control Panel and double-click Network. Highlight Dial-Up Adapter and click Properties. Select the Bindings tab and, in the list box, uncheck everything except TCP/IP -> Dial-Up Adapter. Click OK, and click OK on the Network Properties box. Reboot for the new settings to take effect.

(...)You're not the only one who's unsatisfied with modem speeds. Some folks have gone so far as to write programs designed to get the absolute most out of analog modems. Some of the best include High Mountain Software's iSpeed, which is ideal for Windows 95 users (the latest version, v.2.80 Beta 3, is available at High Mountain's site); Patterson Designs' TweakDUN, an award-winning Dial-Up Networking tweaker; and Montana Software's SpeedTec, an optimizer that thoroughly examines your registry for possible tweaks. Use these programs at your own risk, and, more importantly, don't expect miracles!Ach, kabel is ook niet alles .