Het blijft UT Mod feest. Tactical Ops de Counter Strike imitatie van UT nadert versie 1.4/1.5. Er zijn een hoop nieuwe wapens en nog meer screenshotsIR 1.4 is the next step of TO. After cancelling 1.3's release, we've dedicated ourselves to adding more weapons, optimizing game performancing, enhancing maps, and adding more maps ;). There's also some cool useful features, like a flashlight (usable at all times), bloodied knives, throwable knives, voting to kick players, new weapons, and also tweaking the weaponry to eliminate inconviniences that have plagued online gaming with 1.2, such as grenade-jumping and the ultra-powerful Desert Eagle. Check out this group of screenshots.

Die Steyr Aug is wel cool.

Nog meer zeer fijne screenshots