Een .plan up-date van Vampire. Hopen dat deze game net zo goed speelbaar is dan dat de screenshots eruit zien.Well, seems like a good time for a periodic development update. The last few days we've had an engineer from in the office to help get the on-line matchmaking process ironed out. We made a lot of good progress on it, and the whole process of getting into the chat rooms and finding opponents is very clean. The whole system works a lot like, but has some unique twists. For instance, you can switch your character persona while in the chat rooms and other people can view your character details, etc. So its a bit like role playing inside the chat room. Still have some work to do here, but the basics are up and running, so now its all refinement and polish. Yves has been working mostly on AI stuff lately, and its getting to be very cool. Just today he was testing some of the party-based command modes, and it looks like its going to work out as good or better than we had hoped. Basically you can click a single button and send your party members out into the level "looking for trouble" as it were, or click another button and have them form on their leader (ie: you) and form a defensive huddle. Its cool when they first enter a fight they'll automatically use some of their blood pool (like mana, essentially) to cast some stat-enhancement effects (ie: buffs). Still a lot of work left, but they are starting to feel human. Very obediant, undead humans... Also been working on support for various 3D cards under Direct3D.. Our biggest challenge on the rendering speed side is still definitely the transform througput of the high-polygon models and worlds. We just got another K7 machine (thanks guys!) and it makes a big impact on the framerate, so we're still very dependent on the CPU speed, which is not a good thing really, but we're working hard on it. I must have re-written the basic world rendering pipeline two or three times in the last few weeks, finding various ways to avoid an extra copy or transform or conditional statement. VTune is helping a lot in this regard, thank god for that program. I still have to get IPeak wired up for testing, I hear that's a damn useful rig also.