Themasquerade heeft het E3 filmpje van Vampire: The Masquerade online gezet. Tevens maken ze bekend dat de release date van dit spel 7 juni zal zijn!Just a quick note to confirm what I was telling people at E3: we're getting close to going gold on Vampire! Last Friday, during the midst of the E3 hoopla, Nihilistic submitted their code release candidate to Activision's code release team. The code-release group will pound on it for the next 5-10 days. Barring any unforseen hiccups, the game should be code released by the end of May, and in stores by June 7th. We are also working on a demo from the single player portion of the game. The demo release will occur close to the game release.Wil je je tanden in het filmpje zetten? Klik dan hier (8 MB)