Dat niet iedereen even gelukkig met de verhalen van Valve over de vetraging van Half-Life 2 is, is geen nieuws. Je staat echter raar te kijken als je deze afscheidsbrief van de site director van Planet Half-Life leest. De beste man is furieus over de handelswijze van de ontwikkelaar: I am not a fan of Valve anymore. I don't believe a damn thing they say and I'm sick of their bullshit.

Dat heeft dus verder geen uitleg nodig...Two months later, things started to get complicated. In mid-July I heard from multiple reliable sources that Half-Life 2 wasn't going to make 9/30/03. Then I got hold of pretty conclusive evidence that Valve's Doug Lombardi had flat out told print magazines (off the record, of course) to plan on pushing their reviews of Half-Life 2 back to the Holiday issues. Then in late July, Vivendi announced that Half-Life 2 would be delayed to the holidays. Since I knew the delay was coming, I jumped right on this and confidently reported it as fact.

Unfortunately Valve -- for whatever reason -- refused to own up to the fact that Half-Life 2 was going to be delayed. Gabe made that ridiculous "First time I've heard about this" response, and other sites overreacted and assumed that this meant that Vivendi's announcement was a mistake. This situation was further complicated by Vivendi's backtracking: after Valve essentially refused to confirm the delay news, Vivendi was forced to (kind of) retract their original delay announcement. So tons of people incorrectly assumed this meant HL2 was still coming out on time. [GSI]Fragmaster is nog steeds van mening dat Half-Life 2 een goed spel zal worden, zoals je in deze lange brief, die tevens de fouten van Valve laat zien, kunt lezen. Deze fansite gelooft trouwens dat Half-Life 2 gewoon in 2004 zal uitkomen en dat mensen zich door de quote in het Polygon magazine hebben laten misleiden.