VAK wees mij op drie interviews met Valve. Twee met Gabe Newell, de stichter en één met Robin Walker. Ze gaan over onder andere TF 2, TFC, Powerplay en Counterstrike:[break]Z-Axis @ stomped: [/break] [Deathwish] For those of us that don't know yet, what exactly is Power Play?

[Gabe Newell] PowerPlay is an initiative to make the Internet a better platform for entertainment. Basically the hardware manufacturers, service providers, and software developers need to get together to define how this is going to happen. PowerPlay 1.0 addresses what are called Quality of Service (QOS) issues, which is the networking people's way of saying better gameplay.

[break]3D Action Counterstrike: [/break] Q. Is there any money involved in the Valve-CS deal?

A. Yep.

Q. Is there any possibility for the CS team to get employed at Valve? A. Sure, if they want to talk to us about it. Q. Has Valve something to do with the thing called CS2 that Gooseman has hinted us about in interviews, some sequel of CS, which will be commersial or something?

A. He has a better understanding of that then I would.

[break]Planetfortress met Robin Walker:[/break] [NextWish] Will there be a option to mute people in TF2 i.e. voice communication - The last thing anyone wants is a 12 year old immature player screamming in your ears...

[Robin Walker] Yes. In fact, we're planning on rolling Voice communication out to you guys before TF2, so we can work all the kinks out of it, both the technical ones and the social ones, like muting.

[Wedge-inf] how much of a hit will Voice take robin?

[Robin Walker] I'm not sure, sorry. But you can be sure that it'll be nice in TF2, because we'll have tested it in TF 1.5 first.

[Slick] When you release the voice communication before TF2 to test it, is it going to be availible for just TF 1.5, or for any Half-Life mod?

[Robin Walker] It might be available for TF just for a month or so to minimise the potential difficulties. Once it's working well, it'll be available for all modmakers to use as they see fit.