3D news heeft een interview gehouden met een PR chick van Microsoft over Metal Gear Solid voor de PC.(...)3) Will the port be exactly the same as the console version, or will their be added/different missions? The PC version of Metal Gear Solid features several enhancements over the console version including significantly higher resolution graphics, a first-person play mode, which is currently only offered in Japanese version Metal Gear Solid Integral version; and hundreds of missions and features from Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions. 4) On previous high-profile PC ports (Final Fantasy, for example) the game was stuck in 640x480 resolution. Will this be different for MGS(PC) seeing as the entire environment is 3D? Metal Gear Solid for the PC will support resolutions up to 1024x768 [break]Could Ice network heeft verder nog een interview gehouden met Valve over Team Fortress 2:[/break] How will the voice communication be integrated into the game to let it be used easily? Programs like Roger Wilco a fairly easy to use, but have many compatibility problems. Are these being addressed? Well, one example of how it's different than Roger Wilco is that if you are just talking (not using a game radio) that your voice is spatialized into the world properly. If somebody is standing close to you, they sound close to you. If they are behind you, they sound like they are behind you.