Dark Magic heet de mod die alle wapens uit UT sloopt en je daarvoor in de plaats enge magische dingen laat doen. Naarmate je langer overleeft groeien je powers en bovendien heeft de maker van deze mod het simpel gemaakt om je eigen spells te maken. Meer info vindt je op deze site. Dark Magic is a mod that removes the guns from unreal Tournament and replaces them with arcane powers. Use spells of attack and defense to gain an edge over your prey. Become the master wizard, and crush your pitiful enemies! Dark Magic runs as a Mutator over any current UT gametype, and has some fun team oriented spells as well. As you live longer, and your spells increase in power, the effects of your magic are noticably stronger! The spell system is created with extensibility in mind, and the system allows for additions to be added easily. It is also easy for other folks to make their own spell packs to add to Dark Magic.