gamesurge heeft een handleiding ut tweaken gemaakt:After you've freed up some RAM, you can start up UT. Now before you jump into any games, you're gonna want to change your video settings. If you have a good comp (such as a P3 450) and a good video card (such as a Diamond Viper Ultra TNT2 32 meg), then you don't really need to change your video settings. However, if you have a crappy comp, such as a P 233 with 48 megs of RAM and an 8 meg video card (like me , then you should definately turn down your video settings, as far as Low for World Textures Detail and Skin Detail. Also put your resolution down to about 640x480, maybe less if needed. You could also turn off the HUD (which I have to do) to get some extra speed. It can lag down your comp even with the smallest size of the HUD and one thing on there.