En ja hoor eindelijk is hij er dan, beta 1.26 van Strike Force! Na een lang verwachte rust (en veel ergernis van de eerste beta, die echt baggerslecht was) nu beta 1.26, wegend 34 MB. Hier een lijst van nieuwe features:Real Life Weapons Choose the tools of your trade, from the power of the Desert Eagle to the reliability of the MP5 Navy to the pinpoint accuracy of the Barrett Sniper Rifle. 9 guns to choose from in the initial release with over 25 coming in future betas. Realistic Damage Take a hit and you lose both health and speed. This allows your enemy time to hunt you down for the final kill. So realistic you can even hear your own heart beat. New Voices Hear the crackle of the radio as you order your team to breech the building and coordinate your attack to stop your enemy at all costs. All New Maps Play in all-new real life locations, everywhere from the claustrophobic back alleys of an urban sprawl to the ruins of an open battlefield. New Character Skins Camouflage yourself and use terrain to your advantage to complete your mission. 16 unique characters, all with their own aptitudes and shortcomings - choose the character that best suits your play style and taste! Oh ja zag het net, thanks Casper voor de tip! Overigens heeft GamePoint natuurlijk alweer 2 servers up: En krijgen de URL strikeforce.gamepoint.net