SPN schrijft: "StrikeForce heeft een revert patch uit gebracht voor de laatste patch 1.61 om deze terug te brengen naar versie 1.60A. Een deel van de veranderingen blijft hetzelfde"We had some various problems with our 1.61 release (see above). So we decided to issue this reverse patch which will put the code back to 1.60. However, the patch also includes the three new maps as well as the new .ini file which fixes the DM and TeamDM server problems. We are sorry about this and we will be working on our next release ASAP. We are also asking all mirror sites to take down 1.61 and include this file instead. If you have already installed the 1.61 update simply download this file and install over it, no need to remove 1.61 first. A special thanks to the server ops who are putting up with the build hopping at this time. ;) This patch works for anyone using 1.60 or 1.61. De patch is ook voor mensen die nog niet hadden geupgrade naar versie 1.61. De 3 maps die bij 1.61 zaten komen ook in versie 1.60A voor.