De nieuwste patch voor Unreal Tournament, nummer 428, is uit. Deze patch die 6.2 MB groot moet weer de nodige problemen verhelpen. De vorige patch 425 had veel problemen met D3D en die behoren hopelijk tot de verleden tijd. Bug Fixes

- fixed 425's D3D problems

- improved client prediction of other players on slopes

- fixed 'killall bot' working on servers even if not admin

- fixed Unrealed2 problems with DirectInput (by disabling DirectInput when using Unrealed2).

- fixed picked up weapons occasionally looping firing anim.

- fixed another case where server would keep sending data to client after disconnect.

- fixed Unrealed2 mesh viewer problem.

- fixed Owner being passed to new actor in Mutator.ReplaceWith().

- fixed creeping ping problem with Win2K. - fix for occasional accidental port changes on servers using NGStats:

These ini files are used:

[IpServer.UdpServerQuery] OldQueryPortNumber=0 bRestartServerOnPortSwap=True OldQueryPortNumber will get saved to the current value of the query port number. If the port number changes, the server will quit - and restart automatically if you are using an appropriate batch file (see ).

Setting OldQueryPortNumber to 0 will cause it to save the current port number gain, so you should set this value to 0 when you want to change the port number deliberately (ie you're running a second server on the same machine).

Users of S3 Savage 4 chipset and Viper II/Savage2000 cards should try using the latest S3 MeTaL drivers specific to their card to obtain the best performance. New Metal .dlls are available from S3's support site. Note: after applying our latest UT patch, you should only need to put the appropriate Metal.DLL file for your particular S3 card into your UnrealTournamentsystem folder, while keeping the MetalDrv.dll that comes with the UT patch. De patch is op diverse plaatsen te downloaden. Hieronder een lijstje zodat je kan kiezen.

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