Via Voodoo Extreme kwam ik bij de geupdate newbie guide van UT World.

Ook al ben je geen Newbie meer het blijft leuk om te lezen en misschien leer je nog wat The definition of "newbie": an individual who is not yet experienced at an activity; a novice; a beginner. Well, if this sounds like you when playing Unreal Tournament, this guide can only help you in your quest to become a better player. Some may say they know all their is to know about Unreal Tournament, but the chances are that they probably don't. This guide will explain everything there is to know about Unreal Tournament. We use the word "everything" without hesitation because of the nature of this beast; it explains every individual bit of information that you could possibly want to know about UT. "To become a better UT player" dat willen we toch allemaal