themagic schrijft dat de UT: Jewel Map Pack uit is. In deze pack zitten 10 maps die geschikt zijn voor 1v1 en 2 tot 4 personen. De mappack is maar 4mb groot, dus het is zeker de moeite waard om deze pack eventjes te downloaden.The main goals for the pack were to concentrate on good playing and diverse small maps for 1 on 1 and very small DM games. We're not the best mappers out there so we know they won't be the best maps in terms of architecture or design but we hope the pack as a whole will present a good playing and fun experience. I wanted the pack to use stock textures and music to keep things simple and the download small. Since the maps where all small file sizes, I decided to use the space saved to incorporate the Quake 3 textures into Citrine as it was inspired by Quake 3 with the jump pads, open arena style and fast panning cloud layer. I implemented the textures into the level itself as opposed to adding a new utx file though, just to keep installation simple. There won't be a umod version though because some people have problems with this depending on their current UT installation and besides, people may only be interested in one or two maps.

I would hope that maybe one or two servers would run this pack, just to allow people to duel on something other than the UT release maps as they are mostly a bit big for duels.

De mappack kan je hier downloaden.