De link die ik gisteren poste naar de .5 versie van de Jailbreak mod bleek alleen voor mappers te zijn. Hier is wat de makers ervan hadden te zeggen:Anyways, the fact is that UTJB 0.5 is FAR from complete. It is a work in progress. This beta was designed so that mappers could get started on testing their maps, and so that the few JB nuts out there could start giving us gameplay feedback There are several glaring errors that make the mod look very unprofessional. The release was intended to be a one-channel IRC, and a post on a forum that doesn't get much traffic (usually) It turned into something that had quite a few downloads, so we'd like to clarify that although .5 may seem rough around the edges right now, we can assure you it will be a product of the utmost professionalism when completed. Please don't draw conclusions from this early beta!Ik heb hem gisteren gespeeld en zo beta vond ik hem niet,behalve dat de bots als gekken naar de knop lopen om iedereen vrij te laten,maar dat deze sommige Q2-Jailbreak players ook