"De Q3A engine is beter !" , "Nee de UT engine kan veel meer". Om maar een regeltje flame te citeren tussen verbitterde Q3A en UT fans. Dat niet een bepaalde engine beter is blijkt wel uit het feit dat er behoorlijk wat spellen uitkomen die of de Q3 engine gebruiken of de UT engine. Bij de 3Dactieplaneet bekeken ze de spellen die de UT engine gebruiken of gaan gebruiken.There are several promising games on the horizon that use the Quake 3 or Unreal/Unreal Tournament engines to craft entirely new games. For the most part, they're first person shooters, but a few break out of that mold and give us something very different. In the first part of this two part series of articles, we'll examine upcoming games using Unreal or Unreal Tournament engine. Tomorrow we'll look at games using Quake 3 technology. Duke Nukem Forever People drool over Duke Nukem Forever for good reasons. As the screenshots show, the game will feature incredibly realistic player models, slick, creative and expansive locales, innovative enemies (what the hell do those tentacles do?), and near photo-realism. As 3D Realms promised, the game will feature extremely intense interactivity that allows you to do whatever you may want with whatever that may be there. And as discussions on their message board reveal, the game will feature a nearly action movie-like experience, providing a linear storyline packed with scripted sequences, surprises, and other goodies. Rune All in all, this is a game that the 3 or 4 fans of the third-person genre should definitely check out. And as for the FPS fans -- do yourselves a favor, and go check out this game too. Despite all previously-believed impossibilities, this third-person game actually looks fun. Dark Sector Massively multiplayer online games have stayed in the realm of role playing games in their short history so far. Digital Extremes is looking to change that fact, however, with Dark Sector. This futuristic first person shooter will meld the fast paced action of deathmatch with the ongoing saga of a persistent world. Your character will continue to grow and earn a reputation as time passes. It'll be like Unreal Tournament meets Everquest. Deep Space 9: The Fallen While Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force is generating a lot of hype as a Star Trek action game using the Quake 3 engine, Deep Space 9: The Fallen is using the Unreal Tournament engine to give us a very different kind of game. Instead of being focussed on the adrenaline and action, The Fallen mixes it up a bit more with a third person perspective, adventure elements, and a deep storyline involving the three playable characters of Sisco, Kira, and Worf. Clive Barker's The Undying Undying is set in the 1920's and places the player in the role of Magnus, a practitioner of the arcane arts and distant friend to the lord of an Irish estate, Jeremiah Weedhaven. Something very bad has happened on Jeremiah's estate, and Magnus has to investigate, using his combination of firearms and arcane magic. Undying features an interesting combat mode, where you can hold a conventional (well, conventional for the 1920's) weapon in the left hand and use the right hand to cast spells. This can lead to some wicked combinations as you combat the forces that have infested your friend's manor. These five Unreal Tournament powered games are the ones we here at 3dActionPlanet are looking forward to the most. It's amazing what a group of talented game developers can take some simple tools and create such a group of different games. There are a couple of others, such as VR-1's Hired Guns and Hasbro Interactive's X-Com Alliance, but we'll have to leave those to you to research. Hey! We like to take a little time to play some Unreal Tournament ourselves, you know! Helaas duurt het nog wel voordat sommige titels uit zijn.......het leven van een Gamer gaat niet over rozen UTengine Games