Voor het gister avond uitgebrachte Bonus Pack van UT zijn een aantal tips. Ook is er een gamespy tabblad gemaakt, zoals je hieronder kan lezen.Here are a few tips for the just-released Unreal Tournament Bonus pack for you this morning: a GameSpy filter tab for the pack is available at PlanetUnreal, which filters only servers running the new maps or Relic mutators. Also, Epic's Alan Willard updated his .plan with word that if you rename the map DM-Cybrosis][ to DOM-Cybrosis][, it will act as a Domination map, complete with all the control points in place. Lastly, here's a tip if you're having troubles installing the Pack, care of the Unreal Technology page: To install the Bonus Pack, just double click the .umod file and it should begin installing. If you are having trouble, extract the ZIP file to a temporary folder such as C:Temp, and then use

Start | Run to run the following command: C:UnrealTournamentSystemSetup.exe install C:tempUTBonusPack.umodHet gamespy tabblad die alleen Bonus Pack servers laat zien staat hier.