Steve Polge, programmeur van Epic heeft bekend gemaakt wat er allemaal in de volgende UT update wordt gefixt. Het lijstje:Engine: [bullet]fixed another mixed skin cheat

[bullet]fixed creeping pings problem - especially prevalent with passworded servers

[bullet]fixed problems with passwords with spaces

[bullet]improved server CPU utilization

[bullet]improved prioritization of network traffic for low bandwidth users

[bullet]fixed ActorLineCheck() crash again - no really this time

[bullet]fixed clearing base on client in netplay - thanks Mongo

[bullet]fixed suicide spamming

[bullet]Last Man Standing now can have time limit

[bullet]fixed spriteballexplosion sounds playing client side

[bullet]faster translocation effect in software mode

[bullet]fixed collision bug which cropped up in 420

(overlord) Editor: [bullet]Forced code to compile to oldest possible version of COMCTL32.DLL ... should eliminate surface properties dialog not showing up, and actor browser being empty

[bullet]Editor is now able to handle pathnames with spaces in them

[bullet]fixed "Can't find 'ini:Engine.Engine.EditorEngine' in configuration file" error - code now uses unrealtournament.ini instead of unreal.ini

[bullet]added "reset" menu to main brush menu

[bullet]when importing textures, the texture browser would jump back the first package/group instead of to the newly created ones

[bullet]GUI updated with changes to get it closer to final design

[bullet]Editor viewports can now be put into "Direct3D" rendering mode (right click on viewport toolbar and select from menu options)

[bullet]importing textures/sounds will now allow for empty group names

[bullet]exporting all/changed scripts will now work correctly

[bullet]controls on bottom bar are left justified now, instead of right

[bullet]the surface properties dialog will now show the complete name of the texture that appears on the selected poly (package/group/name) [bullet]when creating a new texture, the browser will now select the correct package/group and automatically call up the new texture for editing.

[bullet]2D shape editor now has the ability to "extrude to bevel" and "extrude to point"

[bullet]edit controls can accept formulas again (precede formula with an "=" sign. i.e. "=256+128")

[bullet]the "add special" dialog will now remember it's settings if you close it, and re-open it. It will also stay on the screen until you manually close it.

[bullet]music browser will now properly import/export files

[bullet]added a new button on left hand bar for changing camera speed

[bullet]the combobox on the bottom bar will now keep an MRU list of recently entered commands

[bullet]editor shouldn't crash or give weird messages when shutting down anymore

[bullet]on the alignment tab, the scaling combobox is now able to have values typed directly into it

[bullet]on the alignment tab, there are seperate "apply" buttons for each set of scaling values (one for the edit controls and one for the combobox)

[bullet]the left hand toolbar now has sections so you can hide/show the commands you want

[bullet]the left hand toolbar will now allow scrolling if the screen gets too small to hold all the buttons

[bullet]at the bottom of the lefthand toolbar is a section for user defined buttons. These are defined through the unrealed.ini file.

[bullet]texture browser will no longer crash if it is resized to be smaller than the width of one texture De update wordt misschien al dit weekend verwacht, zodra die er is lees je dat natuurlijk op