Ik zelf ben niet ontzettend enthousiast over deze game (zoals je in mijn review kan lezen), maar het Amerikaanse leger wel. Dus een goeie soldaat zal ik blijkbaar nooit worden. De US army gaat een aangepaste versie van Delta Force 2 namelijk gebruiken om virtueel te oefenen. Novalogic heeft dit maandag eindelijk officieel bekend gemaakt. Hier een hap uit de press release:NovaLogic Systems, the subsidiary formed to bring the company's simulation technologies to the military, will work with the Army's Training and Doctrine Command Analysis Center (TRAC) in Monterey, California, on the high-profile Land Warrior system. Land Warrior is first and foremost a weapons system intended to integrate existing equipment with modern electronics to increase soldiers' lethality and survivability. The system will equip soldiers with improved weapons and advanced communications and imaging technology, all while staying within weight limits carried by today's soldiers. Key components of the Land Warrior concept are a self-contained computer and radio system; a Global Positioning System receiver; a helmet-mounted LCD display; and a modular weapons system that adds thermal and video sights and laser ranging to the standard M4 carbine or M16A2 rifle. The Land Warrior soldier will be able to use the weapon's video sight and helmet-mounted display to aim around corners or over barriers without exposing his head or body, and the laser range finder can be used in conjunction with the GPS receiver to call in precision artillery fire. The system will also improve communication, navigation, and situational awareness.Misschien wel leuk om deze versie als patch of add-on beschikbaar te stellen? Bedankt Amar voor de tip.